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Streamlining Your Uncontested Divorce

In Texas, an uncontested divorce is a type of no-fault divorce where both parties agree on issues like property division, child custody, child support and spousal support. An uncontested divorce allows you and your spouse to maintain control over the decisions that will affect your future. When you and your spouse can agree to your divorce terms, you can avoid the time-consuming and often contentious court battles, but doing so often requires the guidance of a skilled divorce lawyer.

At the Law Office of Matt Sossi, our divorce lawyer aims to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you. We bring over 30 years of experience to help you navigate the uncontested divorce process. We know the value that a peaceful resolution can offer families, and we want to help you move into the next chapter of your lives on your terms.

Keeping Things Simple Through Collaboration

We are dedicated to simplifying the uncontested divorce process for you. Our team is here to guide you through all the tasks of divorce, including drafting documents, negotiating the terms of your divorce with your spouse, and focusing on a swift resolution. Our divorce services can also ensure that your divorce is compliant with Texas law despite not taking your divorce through litigation. As your legal representation, our goal is to make your divorce process as efficient and low-stress as possible.

One of the added benefits of an uncontested divorce is the impact it can have on your children. By working together with your spouse, you are showing your children that there are no hard feelings between them, which can be a valuable message to send. We can also help you seek a resolution that accounts for your children’s needs.

Take The First Step Toward Resolution

If you and your spouse are prepared to discuss the end of your marriage, let us help you seek an outcome that can satisfy both of you. Call our San Antonio office at 210-686-6193 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation with our divorce attorney today.