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Committed Representation Through Your High Net Worth Divorce

Last updated on June 12, 2024

High net worth divorce often involves high-income earners such as doctors, attorneys, business owners, and entrepreneurs who have large estates and complex financial portfolios. When your divorce involves significant finances and other assets, you need to be certain that you are navigating your divorce process with precise and meticulous legal representation at your side.

At the Law Office of Matt Sossi, we pride ourselves on our client-centered approach. We work tirelessly to guide our clients through these challenging times with as little complication and difficulty as possible. Part of what helps our family law attorneys be so successful in our work is the time they spend with our clients to learn about the unique factors of their divorces and the goals they have in them so they can develop personalized strategies for each of our clients.

How We Stand Out

With over 30 years of experience, our firm has a proven track record in handling high-net-worth divorce cases with care and precision. We recognize the unique financial challenges that come with these divorces and tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. We are proud to help our clients through these matters, whether they are primary income earners or stay-at-home parents.

Our Texas lawyer knows how to sort through the complexities of your finances and divide them, including assets such as real estate, investments, and business interests. When you retain our services, you are choosing a law firm that is committed to keeping your fair assets with you throughout your divorce. We work closely with financial experience to account for all of the unique issues that may arise in your divorce, from dividing stock portfolios and retirement accounts to negotiating to keep heirlooms and valuables with your side of the family.

As we represent you in your divorce, we will also advocate for your children’s needs. We prioritize the needs of our clients’ children to minimize the negative consequences they may experience throughout the process. We take the time to explore all available possibilities for pursuing a peaceful resolution that can benefit you and your children, but we are also prepared to fight for it through litigation if necessary.

Let Us Defend Your Needs In Your Divorce

If you have considerable assets in your divorce and want to keep what is fair for you and your children, let us help you through the process. Call our San Antonio office at 210-686-6193 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.