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Helping You Find Practical Solutions In Divorce & Co-Parenting

How can people prepare for divorce mediation in Texas?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Divorce

Many people preparing for divorce in Texas choose to attend mediation. If they do not yet agree on terms but want to keep their disputes out of court, mediation can be a worthwhile endeavor. Spouses can negotiate settlements in mediation that give them control over the terms of their divorces. They can protect their children from unnecessary conflict and potentially speed up the divorce process at the same time.

Mediation does not always resolve marital disagreements. Spouses have to sign a binding document at the end of the process if they want mediation to lead to an uncontested divorce. Those who prepare adequately before attending mediation sessions may improve their chances of reaching an agreement at the end of the mediation process.

How can people prepare for mediation before they attend?

Reviewing the marital estate

Some couples have custody and support issues to negotiate, but all couples generally have financial matters to discuss. In order to advocate for a fair outcome to property division negotiations, people have to have a realistic idea of the extent of their marital estate. Going over an inventory of assets and a list of marital debts can help people understand what they need to address and also establish reasonable expectations. In cases where people worry about hidden assets, a thorough financial review can protect one spouse from an unfair property division outcome.

Setting goals with a lawyer

Both spouses generally have the option of bringing their own legal representation to mediation sessions. Doing so is often a smart move, as lawyers can remind people of their goals and their rights if the mediation session becomes too intense. Lawyers can also help their clients set realistic goals as they prepare for mediation. Talking over what to expect during the mediation process before attending a session can help people better prepare for when they sit down with a spouse. Lawyers may instruct someone to increase their expectations so that they have room to compromise during negotiations.

Practicing communication and conflict-resolution skills

Technically, a mediator is there to help facilitate a calm conversation. However, their efforts can only go so far. Spouses preparing for divorce mediation generally need to have the ability to regulate their own emotions and calmly communicate with one another. Reviewing and practicing both communication and conflict-resolution skills can help people get into the right mindset for mediation.

Ideally, mediation should be a cooperative process, not an adversarial one. Approaching the divorce mediation process with the right perspective and goals can make a major difference for those hoping to amicably settle divorce matters in Texas. Spouses who know what to expect during mediation can potentially set themselves up for success.