Helping You Find Practical Solutions In Divorce & Co-Parenting
Helping You Find Practical Solutions In Divorce & Co-Parenting

3 ways to cope with the emotions that arise during a divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult process because of how emotional it makes people. Even those who understand that divorce is their best option may still struggle to cope with the process. People may feel guilt or sadness because they believe they have failed. They may grieve the loss of their relationship and may also struggle with feelings of anger. If someone isn’t proactive about managing their emotional responses, they can end up saying and doing things that hurt their chances of an optimal outcome to the legal side of the divorce process.

Those who seek out support for their emotional needs during a divorce may have an easier time being rational throughout the process and minimizing how difficult divorce can be for their children. The following resources can potentially help people to more effectively manage the intense emotions that arise as a result of divorce.

Counseling or therapy

Some people quickly recognize that divorce has destabilized their emotions. They may become more aggressive or prone to depression than they were when their marriage was healthy. They may even recognize that the challenges they face emotionally may have had an impact on their relationship. Sitting down with a counselor, psychologist or therapist can be a healthy way to learn new coping skills and to get confidential support while dealing with the intense stress that comes from divorce.

Divorce coaches or divorce doulas

There is still some degree of social stigma attached to seeing psychological professionals. Individuals in certain professions, like airline pilots, may worry that seeing a counselor may affect their profession or their reputation. They may choose to seek out an alternate form of confidential support. Divorce coaches or divorce doulas provide many of the same types of support as counselors, although they cannot diagnose or treat mental health disorders. These professionals specialize in providing social and emotional support throughout the divorce. Having a safe and confidential space in which to discuss one’s healing can make a major difference for those going through a divorce.

Creative outlets like art

One of the best ways to handle the intense emotions generated during a divorce is to turn those feelings into something productive. Some people already have a creative hobby that they can lean into during a divorce. Others may want to learn a creative pursuit. Writing, fibercraft, visual arts and photography are all ways for people to express themselves emotionally without venting to their loved ones.

Some people can attend support groups with others going through a divorce. Those who belong to religious communities may be able to sit down and talk with the clergy member about their marital struggles. What matters the most is to remain healthy and to prevent emotions from spilling over during divorce negotiations or in court so that one’s present doesn’t unnecessarily impact one’s shot at a truly bright and healthy future.