Helping You Find Practical Solutions In Divorce & Co-Parenting
Helping You Find Practical Solutions In Divorce & Co-Parenting

3 tips for handling property division in a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce is a tumultuous time for all involved. The daunting task of dividing property and assets often exacerbates the emotional upheaval. While it may seem like an overwhelming process, you can take steps to ease the stress associated with this part of the divorce journey.

Entering the property division phase clearly understanding your options is critical. Educating yourself can help you know what to expect and plan your actions more effectively.

1. Get your financial paperwork in order

During the property division phase, you’ll need documentation to establish the value and ownership of assets. These could include bank statements, mortgage documents and appraisals of valuable items like jewelry or artwork. This readily available paperwork speeds up the process and eliminates the guesswork, making the proceedings less stressful for everyone involved.

2. Take your time

Rushing through the property division phase can lead to regrettable decisions. It’s easy to let emotions rule you during the property division process, but you should try to avoid that. Every decision you make must be logical. With this in mind, consider how each option will impact you now and in the future. 

3. Consider your new budget

When you go through a divorce, you won’t be able to rely on anyone’s income except your own. Consider the cost of keeping specific assets to determine if it’s in your best interest to do so. For example, keeping a vehicle means paying for registration, insurance, upkeep, repairs and gas. 

Ultimately, you must make the right decisions for yourself, even if others don’t understand. Having someone on your side who can guide you through these times may be beneficial.