Helping You Find Practical Solutions In Divorce & Co-Parenting
Helping You Find Practical Solutions In Divorce & Co-Parenting

3 self-care tips to help you be a good parent during a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce is hard on everyone in the family. As a parent, your first thought is always about how you can make sure the kids are looked after and protected. This can often mean, however, that you forget to look after yourself. While it may feel like something that you don’t have the time or energy for, putting yourself first and practicing some self-care is going to help you be there for the kids.

Take time for yourself

You may be busier than ever, especially if you’re just starting to figure out co-parenting and providing emotional support to your children. You must make sure you’re giving yourself some breathing space and setting aside time every day to do something just for you. It doesn’t need to be expensive, and there are plenty of free self-care options available.

Don’t beat yourself up

Getting a divorce doesn’t make you a bad person or a bad parent. In fact, it might be the best decision for you and your family (even if it’s hard to see that right now). There are going to be hard times, but you need to remember to go easy on yourself in these moments. You’re doing your best to navigate a difficult situation. 

Have someone to talk to

Having someone outside of your family, such as a friend or even a therapist, gives you an outlet when you’re stressed or upset. It can help you to avoid saying negative things to your kids about your ex-partner and allows you to get things off your chest to someone you know won’t judge.

Looking after yourself is so important during a divorce, yet it’s often completely overlooked. Being in a good physical and mental state will help you be the best parent you can be while you go through the legal and emotional process of divorce.