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Helping You Find Practical Solutions In Divorce & Co-Parenting

What do your children need to know about your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Co-Parenting

One of the hardest things about getting divorced when you have kids is helping them understand the changes to the family. There are certain things that your children need to know about your upcoming divorce, as well as a few things that they may not need to know. 

Sharing the right information with your children during a divorce will help them adjust to your new family circumstances. What do kids need to know about your changing family situation? 

That the divorce is not their fault

Children of any age will likely struggle with the news that their parents will soon divorce. Some of them will assume that they are the cause for their parents’ divorce, especially if they had disciplinary issues or health problems right before you filed. Both of the parents together should maintain a united front and reassure the children that they are not at fault. 

That both parents are still there for them

Working together with your ex isn’t easy, but it is what will be best for your kids. Keeping a positive attitude about one another as parents will be important as you share custody. It will also help the children understand that the family is still there to support them. 

Additionally, it’s important for parents to communicate changes to the family schedule, such as the outline of how the parents will share custody and the rules that the children will need to follow at each house. Your children will not require an in-depth explanation of why you got divorced or your feelings about the divorce. 

Understanding what conversations to have with your children will make co-parenting with your ex easier during your divorce.